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  • Bodhi McGee

    My WP site would auto update and then i’d find that something wasn’t working with a plugin or a part of the theme occasionally. It felt out of control and it was frustrating because i dont know how to roll back the site when something would go haywire. Anyways, long story short, I started using a wordpress maintenance company and since then i’ve had no worries with any of this. Theres a lot of them to choose from but after speaking with several i went with one called Total WP Support so i have to give them a little plug and say thanks guys. If anyone is in the same boat and needs wordpress support they are at http://www.totalwpsupport.com

    • AL

      That’s why you can use the method I mentioned in this post to disable WordPress updates. Even when WordPress gets updated, the wp-config.php stay unchanged.

      No need to use any support for disabling your WordPress installation from auto update .
      Good luck

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