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  • IT


    Using 2x identical new seagate 1TB disks.

    I tried this post adapted from yours for raid1, but always get a failure near the end with the line “sfdisk -c /dev/sda 1 fd”
    & “mdadm –add /dev/md0 /dev/sda1”, proxmox v3.2 seems to install a GPT type table which sfdisk cannot handle, and recommends to use gnu parted.
    Using “sfdisk -c /dev/sda 1 fd –force” pushes it through, but then “mdadm –add /dev/md0 /dev/sda1” fails with the error that ‘disk is not large enough to join the array’.
    Any thoughts?

    • AL

      Can you show me your current partition with “fdisk -l”

  • Guest

    apparently it didn’t post my screenshots last time. Odd.

    • Javier Eduardo Sola

      PRoxmox 3.1 use MBR partition Table. Proxmox 3.2 use gpt partition table. You have que make some changes in the process.

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