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  • Adi

    I am not able to run the app using production.js . I tried using the node method of “node production.js” and it says cannot find module ‘deployd’.
    1. deployd is installed globally
    2. I can run it using dpd command

    • AL

      What does this command returns :
      # forever start production.js
      What command do you use to run it with dpd?

      • Adi

        #forever start production.js
        was returning that deployd doesnt exist while I was able to run the server using dpd on teh directory.

        The problem was solved when I npm install deployd again on the directory

  • Emmanuel

    Hello. After following your instructions and setting up a test deployd app in my VPS, I can acces to its dashboard everywhere whitout having to paste the auth key… what i did wrong?

    • AL

      Hello, what version of dpd you are running ?
      Did you run the following command ($ dpd keygen) in your application directory?

  • angelxmoreno

    worked for me

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