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  • aless

    Hi nice post. I’ve got a question. I’ve installed nfsen and nfsdump, I configured netflow in a router and if I watch the port 2055 on my server I see the netflow packet arriving. But when I go to the localhost/../Nfsen.php I just see the web interface with no data in the graph. Error creating graph.
    Any idea?

    • AL

      Hi, what does your apache logs says or have a look in your /var/log/syslog for more details.

  • george

    i have stuck to a step, can you please help me?
    when i’m giving the command ./install.pl /etc/nfsen.conf
    i get this back in the terminal:

    Check for required Perl modules: All modules found.
    Setup NfSen:
    Version: 1.3.6p1: $Id: install.pl 53 2012-01-23 16:36:02Z peter $

    Perl to use: [/usr/bin/perl]

    What i need to type in Perl to use?

    Many thanks,

    • AL

      Hi, you should type the location of your binary perl file, usually in /usr/bin/…
      Make sure it’s in there or try to look where it’s installed by using thi command:
      # whereis perl

  • Marc

    Thanks, bison was missing for me in the needed package list

    apt-get update && apt-get install gcc flex librrd-dev make bison



    • AL

      Thank you for following this post and for your notice. I’ll update it soon!

  • Attila

    I have installed nfdump family from the repository, so I have got to link the /usr/bin binaries into /usr/local/bin for the installaltion.
    When I try to start the service I have got:
    Subroutine Lookup::pack_sockaddr_in6 redefined at /usr/share/perl/5.14/Exporter.pm line 67.
    at /var/nfsen/libexec/Lookup.pm line 43
    Subroutine Lookup::unpack_sockaddr_in6 redefined at /usr/share/perl/5.14/Exporter.pm line 67.
    at /var/nfsen/libexec/Lookup.pm line 43
    Subroutine Lookup::sockaddr_in6 redefined at /usr/share/perl/5.14/Exporter.pm line 67.
    at /var/nfsen/libexec/Lookup.pm line 43
    Subroutine AbuseWhois::pack_sockaddr_in6 redefined at /usr/share/perl/5.14/Exporter.pm line 67.
    at /var/nfsen/libexec/AbuseWhois.pm line 42
    Subroutine AbuseWhois::unpack_sockaddr_in6 redefined at /usr/share/perl/5.14/Exporter.pm line 67.
    at /var/nfsen/libexec/AbuseWhois.pm line 42
    Subroutine AbuseWhois::sockaddr_in6 redefined at /usr/share/perl/5.14/Exporter.pm line 67.
    at /var/nfsen/libexec/AbuseWhois.pm line 42
    Subroutine AbuseWhois::pack_sockaddr_in6 redefined at /var/nfsen/libexec/AbuseWhois.pm line 44
    Subroutine AbuseWhois::unpack_sockaddr_in6 redefined at /var/nfsen/libexec/AbuseWhois.pm line 44
    Subroutine AbuseWhois::sockaddr_in6 redefined at /var/nfsen/libexec/AbuseWhois.pm line 44

  • Attila

    Sorry, forget the error messages, I have found my problem – and I hope the cure – on the nfsen list!

    • AL

      I am happy you solved your issue.
      Share with us how you solved your issue for others to know!
      Thank you.

  • Attila

    1. you don’t really have to add Socket6 for perl by hand, just install libsocket6-perl
    2. for solving the bug, please look at: http://sourceforge.net/p/nfsen/bugs/31/, needs to change one line in two files:
    Change :
    use Socket6;
    Socket6->import(qw(pack_sockaddr_in6 unpack_sockaddr_in6 inet_pton getaddrinfo));

    I have also installed NFsen following this guide on a Debian7 system. D7 needs a bit different init script header, but it can still be allied with a warning.

  • Joe

    I was installing on new ubuntu 12.04 server. So I had to:
    sudo apt-get install byacc

    • Joe

      Actually, I might have needed byacc for nfdump.

  • edgaraholm

    Hi there,

    I’m having some hickups while installing nfsen.

    What command should be before ./install.pl /etc/nfsen.conf?

    Everything up to this point has worked perfectly 🙂


    • AL

      Hi ,

      what is the error you get ?
      what is your path from where you’re executing the command ? ($ pwd)
      what are the permissions of the install.pl file ? ($ ls -al)

      • edgaraholm

        root@ubuntu:/# cd /data/nfsen/
        root@ubuntu:/data/nfsen# ./install.pl /etc/nfsen.conf
        bash: ./install.pl: No such file or directory

        I can’t find the install.pl file, as you can guess I am not that versed in Linux 🙂

        • AL

          The install.pl file should be in the extracted folder nfsen-x.x.x/
          You have to run this command in the nfsen-x.x.x/ folder:
          ./install.pl /etc/nfsen.conf
          What does the following command returns?
          find / -type f -name install.pl

  • AL

    what is the error you’re getting?
    what is your path where you are executing this command? ($ pwd)
    what are the permissions of the install.pl file ? ($ ls -al)

  • Alok Das

    I am installing Nfsense with Nfdump and get the graph only one color.
    how can i get different color for different traffic and add more sensor/Source.

    With Thx

    • AL

      You can change the colors in the web interface. Click
      on the stats tab for the live profile and edit each channel list. You have the color settings under the gateway.
      How to create new sensor/source: http://nfsen.sourceforge.net/#mozTocId467189

  • eli

    hi, i want to install nfsen and nfdump on linux, but i had a problem.i want to Take a copy of NFSEN configuration File with this :cp /var/www/nfsen/etc/nfsen-dist.conf /etc/nfsen.conf

    but nothing happen when i use it.

    please help me.

    • AL

      Sorry for my late response, I was busy lately at work.
      Are you sure that the nfsen-dist.conf file is in /var/www/nfsen/etc/ ?

      Try to locate/find it by running this command:

      sudo find / -type f -name nfsen-dist.conf

  • Tets Mu

    hi all. i have installed nfdump and nfsen .. they are running… however when i am trying to see the “http://localhost/nfsen/nfsen.php” nothing showing….the msg is “Not Found
    The requested URL /nfsen/nfsen.php was not found on this server”. whereas, the “”http://localhost” is showing apache homepage… any help plzzz

    • Marco Abrantes

      did you install it in the apache directory www/var/html

  • Roger Maestas

    I’m having an issue, I cannot get it to run on the web interface, the url I put is http://localhost/nfsen/nfsen.php and I get an error message NOT FOUND The requested URL /nfsen/nfsen.php was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at localhost port 80. please help

    • Sinisa Uskokovic

      I had the same issue. You need to do the following:
      1. Change ownership and permission of the /var/www/nfsen file:
      cd /var/www/
      chown -R www-data:www-data nfsen
      chmod -R 755 nfsen
      2. Disable the default site:
      a2dissite 000-default
      3. Create your Virtual Host file:
      nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/nfsen.conf

      ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
      DocumentRoot /var/www/nfsen
      ErrorLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/error.log
      CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/access.log combined

      4. Create a symlink for enabled site:
      cd /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/
      ln -s /etc/apache2/sites-available/nfsen.conf nfsen.conf
      5. Enable your site:
      a2ensite nfsen.conf
      6. Reload apache service:
      service apache2 reload
      7. Enter “your_IP/nfsen.php” in web browser and have fun 🙂

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