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  • dyno

    Very usefull and well writen. Thanks! Going to next step Centreon etc

    • AL

      I just updated the tutorial with the latest version of NAGIOS 4.0.1 and Nagios-plugins 1.5

      Thank you for your comments!

  • dyno

    Just one problem.. I cant find libbind9-60 libdns69 libisc62 libisccc60 libisccfg60 liblwres60 so I have installed it without them and look everything fine and working.. so maybe this libs arent necessary?

    Debian 7.2 vanilla

    And think about flattr .-)

    • AL

      libbind9-60 libdns69 libisc62 libisccc60 libisccfg60 liblwres60 are outdated!
      you can run the following to discover the latest:
      # apt-cache search lib
      They are optional, I’ll remove them from the tutorial!

      Thank you for your follow and support 🙂

  • Orfescu Horatiu

    we have big problems compiling plugins but searching around , the problem was related to ssl stuff. install ( wheezy) openssl ( the path will be /usr/lib/ssl ). when you lunch the .configure you have to mention the path for ssl !!!
    ./configure –with-nagios-user=nagios –with-nagios-group=nagios –with-mysql –enable-static –with-openssl=/usr/lib/ssl.

    this is our best effort .

    • AL

      Thank you for the info

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