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  • Dan

    Thank you, very useful

  • Really good stuff. Thanks for posting this. Worked like a charm.

    • AL

      You’re welcome, happy it helped you doing what you needed.

  • Very good article.

    Thank you!

  • system

    Hello Admin.

    I have a working centralized logging server but with the time, the loganalyzer GUI front end has become very slow. I think this is because of the growing size of the DB. Any remedies/solutions from your side?

    • AL


      I don’t know what is the size of your DB, but maybe you need more efficient HDD with higher RPM or check the CPU and memory usage of the server!

      I didn’t have this issue… yet! maybe some one else reading this post might help you or if you find a solution, I would be glad if you share it with everyone!

      Thank you.

  • Marc

    Thanks. Setting this up was a breeze on Mint Linux 15. So much easier to monitor my system this way…

  • Paul

    I am having trouble installing log analyzer. I did all the steps above, but when I go to my web browser and try http:///install.php i get error

    The Requested URL /install.php is not found on this server.
    Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) Server at (localhost IP) Port 80

    FYI: I am trying to do this on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS not sure if this is the reason. If so what do you recommend to use?

    • AL

      Yes in Ubuntu 14.04 the DocumentRoot is different you should replace /var/www/ by
      or edit the default conf file in /etc/apache2/site-enabled/000-default.conf
      and replace DocumentRoot /var/www/html
      by DocumentRoot /var/www/

      • Paul

        Tks Al that fixed that issue. Now I am trying to go back and see what I did wrong cause I am getting a syslog error when logging in.

        • AL

          “could not find the configured table, maybe misspelled or the table names are case sensitive”: This error is often due to wrong syntax in the DBTableName field. Try to fix it by editing the /var/www/html/loganalyzer/config.php file and check if the DBTableName value is written with the correct capital letters ‘SystemEvents’

          • Cook

            I have the same issue, but I have the correct DBTableName “SystemEvents”.

          • Derek

            I Know this is an old post but i was having the same problem where it would not work and DBTableName of SystemEvents was right… my fix was in loganalyzer go to “Admin Center –> Sources –> My Syslog Source” and under Database Type Options there is a field called Database Tablename make sure it says SystemEvents in my case this was all lower case and once I changed it and pressed Edit Source loganalyzer worked for me.

  • Very Cool Tutorial man, worked right out of the box! LIke A Boss!

  • Is there anyway to remove the popup window/tooltip window that appears when you hover over the message?

    • AL

      1- This can be done when going through the LogAnalyzer installation process in step 3 you have to set “Show message details popup:” to NO
      2- I think this can be done somewhere in the “Admin Center”, I can’t tell because I don’t have it installed anymore.

      • Thanks, I deleted the config.php file and just reconfigured it and it worked.

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